Cosmic Swarovski® Crystal 3 Piece Set

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Aquamarine Blue
Peridot Green
Rose Pink
Light Siam Red

The Cosmic Swarovski® Crystal 3 Piece Set includes:

  • 1 - Foot file (perfect for those tough callouses on your heel)
    195mm in length  (7 2/3") x 4mm in thickness
  • 1 - medium-size crystal nail file
    (135mm in length (5  1/3" ) x 3 mm thick )
  • 1 - purse-size crystal nail file
    (90 mm in length (3  1/2")  x 2mm thick)

All files are embellished with genuine Swarovski® crystals, each in a black velvet pouch,  and show-cased in a "Treasure Chest" black velvet jewelry box.   All nail files are two-sided for either right-handed or left-handed filing. A most unique and elegant gift presentation.

Customer Reviews

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Amy E.
Great gift

I had been using a glass nail file from Crystal Palooza for a few months when I decided to buy this set to give as Christmas gifts. They take a bit to get used to but now I'll never go back to an emery board!